Affiliated Organizations

The Canadian Convention of Southern Baptists
This is our denomination and family of churches.

The Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary & College
Our Convention’s pastoral training school.

The Bridge International Church
Our mother church, which commissioned the team that began SVCC.

The Southern Baptist Convention
Our sister denomination in the United States.

Lifeway Christian Resources
The publications branch of the Southern Baptist Convention, producing a variety of Sunday School and Bible study literature and curriculum.

Broadman and Holman Publishers
The publishing house of the Southern Baptist Convention, with many useful Bible study resources.

Other Helpful Links
These are various sites with helpful information. We may not endorse every detail taught by every one of these groups, but their sites are useful and edifying.

Bible Study and Theology

Bible Gateway
Online Bibles and other Bible study resources.

Bible Centre
An online library with many current Christian titles. Requires membership registration.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library
An online library with free access to many important writings and documents from throughout Christian history.

Desiring God
The teaching ministry of John Piper. Many excellent resources here.

Grace to You
The teaching ministry of John MacArthur. Many useful articles and the radio ministry offers outstanding expository preaching.

Apologetics – Answering Questions About Our Faith

Answers in Genesis
A great resource for apologetics and questions about the biblical view of Earth’s origins.

Alpha and Omega Ministries
The ministry of James White, a prominent Reformed Baptist apologist and veteran debater. Resources specialize in Mormonism, the King James Only controversy, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Roman Catholicism.

Stand To Reason
The organization of apologist Greg Koukl. A good site for issues relating to secularism and the culture, among other things.

Watchman Fellowship
A Christian organization with a vast amount of information on various cults.

Current Events and Opinion

Albert Mohler
The website of the president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, with his comments on current issues.
The website of the magazine Christianity Today.

Faith Today
The magazine of the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada.


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