If you’re in the Calgary area and are looking for a church family, or simply want more information about us, you can call us:

969-8372 (ask for Jesse)


You can contact our pastor at the following address. We apologize for the awkward format, which we use to avoid spam:

Jesse: jmorales at outreach dot ca


3 Responses to “Contact Us”

  1. Please am a servant of God from republic of Benin my name is pastor Emmanuel. I was sent a village in Benin which focuses their attension on idiol worship everyone is involved, when I enquired from them why they submitted their life to evil spirit, they told me that becouse of sudden death, becouse of diseases etc.There I bgun to preached them the gospel bit by bit, many submitted their life completely to Lord Jesus Christ.They told me to get them Bible in french and place we can fellowship but unfortunately, am not sound finacially, I don’t have money to buy them Bibles even to look for place hired and build church for them.I therefore writting to you to please support accomplish the work am doing that delvish town.Help me saved their souls from demon attack. My problem is no organisation or church sent me there. Morever, if we you can estalbish your branch with us here can advantage of my ministry there.God bless you for saving the souls.

  2. This is for Pastor Jeff,
    Do not make the prideful mistake to think you already know these things, because you are a preacher or a reverend ordained by men who were but sinners and we know by (the Word of God) sinners are not anointed, they are cursed. We also know when the Light comes on darkness leaves, then be not quick to turn away from this. If you will humble your(self) and read this, you will see this comes from the Lord to enlighten you and to deliver you. Then if you are one of His children, you will not turn away from this. Please see there is a veil (Isa.25:7) that covers the real Truth from the eyes of all those who will not cease to sin. Your (self) will be offended by the things I must say to you, but your soul will love them, if you are a chosen one. The Lord wants you to deny your (self) the right to control your soul, as in being controlled by your own (self-will), the spirit of the flesh. He is the will, that will not want you to read this. To reject this will determine you to be just another Pharisee, as it is says, (Their poison is like the poison of a serpent: they are like the deaf adder that stoppeth her ear.) (Psa.58:4) or (Who is blind, but my servant? Or deaf, as my messenger that I sent?) (Isa.42:19)

    Dear Pastor Jeff, Please put away the foolishness of pride and examine this, because this is very serious. I am your brother in the Lord. I am sent to you in the name of Jesus Christ, please do not turn away from me as an unbeliever. This comes from the Lord God to enlighten you way beyond anything you have ever known.
    Remember (the Word of God) says, (a wise man will receive instruction and learn by it, but a fool will not listen.) These words are extremely powerful, because they come from the Lord to untie or to unloose you from your own (self), the evil spirit of the flesh, who will tremble at these words. The very first sign of ignorance is when one will refuse to be corrected. This is why the Lord God sent this, the real Truth now to gather in the chosen ones and to reveal the unbelievers as they will reject it, because the love of the Truth is not in them. (2Th.2:10) By this we see our ways are not His ways,(Isa.55:8,9) and you will see your ministry is an abomination in the eyes of God, because it promotes the veil of carnality, which is the doctrine of idolatry, and for this, the real Truth comes to destroy it. “Thus saith the Lord” You will see the Truth is what exposes it for the man-made foolishness it is. (1Cor.1:21) It is when you realize what you see as a man, is the same thing all the other sinners see, which is the veil of carnality that keeps the real Truth hidden from all of the sinners. Only the chosen ones who deny their (self) and who cease from all sin, will see this.
    We all think we know the Truth until the veil opens and then we see our own ignorance. I find this message from the Lord God to be so great and so strong that only the chosen ones will read it and receive it. This happens for only the chosen ones are able to defeat or to deny the real enemy, who is their own prideful (self), as in (the old man), the evil one. Please realize, if you decide not to read this, your own (self)-spirit wins and this will determine you in the eyes of God, to be just another hypocrite, pretending to be a minster of God. You see your own (self) will come up with all kinds of excuses to keep you from reading and receiving this, the real Truth. He wants you to think you already know the Truth, because if you find out the real Truth, it means the end of him, your own evil (self); which must happen in order to be transformed into the body of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is when the resurrection of the dead happens in our life, which is the transformation. (1Pet.1:3) (2Tim.2:16-18)
    The real Truth is hidden by the veil and do not be ignorant as I was, when I thought, because I had read the Holy Bible, I was enlightened and anointed, for it is not that way. As long as the evil- (veil) covers (the Word), we all see it carnally as a man sees it. (Isa.25:7) To refuse this, you are listening to your own (self), instead of denying your (self) as the Lord God, tells us to do. This is very serious and the Lord wants you to know of these things, for our people need to know the Truth. If you are (Abel)- able to receive this, please pass it on. What you think is the Truth is actually the veil that covers the real Truth. This comes from the Lord to separate the chosen ones from the foolish ones. The chosen ones will read this and receive it, but the foolish ones will reject it in their own humanistic ignorance. As you begin to read this, your evil (self) spirit of pride will want you to turn away from this, but please read it before you teach or preach anymore. You will then see things are not the way we presume them to be. This is the real Truth that was hidden, for it is now come to gather in the humble ones, who are the chosen ones. I say this, because the Truth is hidden from the sinners and the proud ones, who think they know the real Truth.
    Now when the Lord sends a message to you, please know everything happens because He wants it to happen. (Isa.45:7) Then be not as the high-minded one who would say; “If God wants me to know something, He will tell me,” for by this, He is now speaking to you. At first if you can not receive this, please meditate and pray about these things. Remember, only a fool speaks against something before he has examined it closely. This comes to set us free from the spirit of ignorance, who is our own (self), the evil spirit of the flesh. I have now come to share with you this great gift of enlightenment, that the Lord God blessed me to see. Please do not think your ways are perfect as I did, until I was given to see these things. At first this will offend you, for when the veil opens, we see how blinded and how wrong we all were.
    My name is Joseph. I am 58 years old. My background consists of being a carpenter, a painter, and I was a fire-fighter for the City of Louisville, Kentucky, where I do reside. Now the Lord sent me to you with this; you may call me a liar and refuse this, as an unbeliever would do, or you can read it to see that I lie not. Please see this great gift of enlightenment comes to the chosen ones, who listen to the Lord, (the Word of God), instead of to their own (self)-will. Then know your (self) will not want you to read this, because it opens the veil to reveal the real Truth. It is what sets us free from the yoke of bondage, which is to be in bondage to the religious doctrines of man. It also reveals your greatest enemy, who is your (self). This is why the Lord says, (If any man will come after me, let him deny his(self), and take up his cross, and follow me.) (Matt.16:24) Then we see our (self) is the old man, the evil one who must die, for the resurrection of the dead to happen in our life. We are not sent here to be a Bill, Ted, Cathy, or Ed, but we are to be One with the Lord God. Then we know, we are not here to enjoy our (self), but we are to deny or to bury our (self). This only happens if we are in the body of Jesus Christ, as in being His (real) flesh and bones.(Eph.5:30) In other words, we do not pray to Jesus Christ, but we become Jesus Christ, as we are transformed by the renewing of our minds. Then we pray only to the Father in the name of Jesus Christ, as this name is to be our name. This is why He says, (I am the first and the last, and the last shall be as the first.) We then see, He is the Lord of Hosts, (the Word of God) and we are to be His Hosts. This is why we are baptized in the name of Jesus Christ, not into some dirty river by a man who claims to be a sinner. To understand this, is when we finally see the true revelation of Jesus Christ, and it is that Jesus Christ is not and never was just one special member, but He is many members in one body. (1Cor.12:12,14) He is all the children of God joined into one perfect man. (Eph.4:13) He is (the Word) that creates and forms us into the Son of man, the Son of God, who is Jesus Christ. (Rev.19:13)
    These things will be very hard for you to believe; in fact, you will not believe it until you see it with you own eyes. It is when you will see (the Word of God) is not a history book, but it is (the Living Word of God) that speaks everything into existence. It is what we fulfill in the Son of man. We all know that God has manifested signs and codes in many things for the purpose of revealing His greatness to those who seek Him out. This is why I am showing you this “The Code of codes”, which is our communication or our communion with the Lord. To see this is to drink from the cup of enlightenment, which is the Holy Grail, and we know this privilege is only for the chosen ones. Then this will only be received by the chosen ones, for this comes to separate the chosen ones, who are the humble ones, from the proud and pompous ones who think they know it all. As one sees this gift from the Lord, he will see the shroud of death and the veil of ignorance that has covered and controlled all of us.
    Many people feel they are saved just by saying they are a believer. They do not even realize how foolish and general this statement is, because everybody is a believer. Some people believe it is alright to go out and get drunk and high, so this is a believer, who believes in getting drunk. Then you have all those who believe in the doctrine of idolatry, which is all those who change Jesus Christ into one special member, that they think lived 2,000 yrs. ago and then He becomes their idol. This is why they have all their pictures and statues of this man-made idol, which is breaking the second commandment. This is what makes them idolaters, failing to see we have but one God, who is the Lord God of heaven and earth, our Father if we are in His Son, who was never one member, but He is many members in one body. (1Cor.12: 12,14) Again this is why the Lord, (the Word) says, (I am the first and the last and the last shall be as the first.) (Rev.1:11) (Matt.20:16) Please understand this; (professing them (selves) to be wise, they became fools, and changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man,). (Rom.1:22)
    The Lord God blessed me to see there has been a veil covering these things from the eyes of all man-kind and this veil only opens for those who cease to sin by surrendering to (the Word of God). This is why (the Word of God) says, (And he will destroy in this mountain the face of the covering cast over all people, and the veil that is spread over all nations.) (Isa.25:7) You see in (the Word), there is a veil that covers the tabernacle of the Holiest of Holies. It is where the Ark of the Covenant and our Mercy Seat is at, and only the High Priest who is cleansed from all sin is permitted to go in. We then know these things are hidden from all those who still sin, as it says, (Whosoever committeth sin is the servant of sin. And the servant abideth not in the house for ever: but the Son abideth ever.) (John 8:34,35) and (Whosoever abideth in him sinneth not: whosoever sinneth hath not seen him, neither known him.) and (He that committeth sin is of the devil; for the devil sinneth from the beginning.) (1John 3:6)(3:8) Also it says, (We know that whosoever is born of God sinneth not;) (1John 5:18) and again it says, (For such an high priest became us, who is holy, harmless, undefiled, separate from sinners, and made higher than the heavens;) (Heb.7:26) After seeing these things, we then know all those man-made preachers who would say that we all are just a bunch of sinners and that we all sin everyday are just promoting sin and this is what makes him (the man of sin), (the Son of Perdition). Thereby, we must completely cease from all sin to be able to see these things clearly.
    Then He showed me the transformation that happens to the chosen ones is when we become Him the High priest to see within the veil. It is when He will speak out to the anointed ones, who are the chosen ones, from the words we use everyday, as we see in these words: live- (evil), lived- (devil), swine- (we-sin), mood- (doom), life- (file), words- (sword), Santa- (Satan), time- (emit), death- (hated), funeral- (real-fun) (f-u-learn), inconsiderate- (decorate-in-sin) (code-it-a-sinner) (code-in-rate-sin), misfortune- (u-met-for-sin), hatefulness- (see-half-nuts) (at-see-n-flush), education- (cautioned) (a-I-c-u-noted) (a-u-noticed) (at-code-u-in), desperation- (a-rope-ends-it), separated- (as-pet-read) (sea-parted) (depart-sea). As you are to see this miracle- (c-I’m-real) within these word openings, please do not be one of the unbelievers- (r-see-u-b-n-evil) (see-evil-burn) who will say this is just a coincidence- (nice-c-in-code), not realizing- (e-z-in-Grail) it is a miracle. After I was given to see He speaks out of our primary words, He then showed me He speaks out of all things. Then I knew I had found the real Holy Grail. It is the Code of codes, the cup of enlightenment, it is the Lord God speaking out to us, who are in the Son of man, in the Lord Jesus Christ.
    As one is given to see this, he will find it to be a very humbling experience, for it is when we see how immature and ignorant our minds really are. When you see this code and are able to receive it, everything in your life will change. It is like a great fog lifting off of you, for it is when you begin to see everything clearly- (really-c) in a spiritual sense- (n-sees), no longer to see as a man sees, in a carnal sense. From then on, you will never be the same and you will never want to be the same.
    This comes from the Lord God to redeem and to resurrect the chosen ones. Please see these words come to humble us; they are extremely strong because they come from the Lord, not from me or my (self). I say this because your (self), who is the serpent, the spirit of the flesh, the evil one that we must deny, will tell you not to read this, for the real Truth exposes the Son of Perdition, (the man of sin), who promotes sin by saying we all sin; instead of saying we all have sinned until we cease from sin to be born again. He is the false- (a-self) prophet, because he is ordained by men who sin, not by God and we know (the Word) says, (he that committeth sin is of the devil,). (1John 3:8) Then as he is revealed, the great tribulation begins. (2Th.2:3)
    When a man has preached the gospel for many years the way he presumes it to be, he does not want someone to tell him that he is all wrong. This is why all the Pharisees and the Sadducees hate Jesus Christ. Please be not one of them now, for I come to you in the name of Jesus Christ to share this great gift of enlightenment with you. Please pray about this; for you think you are doing the right thing, as the Catholics think they are right; but as you see through the veil, you see how wrong you and they were. Now to love the Lord and the Truth, you must deny your (self).
    Our God is called the God of Truth (Ps.31:5) and for the last four years He has had me writing a book called “The Truth Within”. This book was sent to bear witness of (the Word of God) and to lift the veil (vail) off the eyes of all the children of God so they will understand (the Word of God) spiritually. There again, I know you think you already understand (the Word); but when you read this book, you will see your own blindness and ignorance. It will be when you see what you thought was the Truth was actually the veil that covers the real Truth. The Lord has it this way to keep the proud and haughty ones, and all of the sinners, and the unbelievers, from seeing the Truth until they completely surrender to (the Word of God), which is God. (John 1:1-) Knowing this will be hard for you to believe, the Lord has sent a great Sign to confirm and to verify that this is the real Truth and that it comes from Him, as (the Word) says, the Truth is followed by signs and wonders. (Acts 2:22) (Heb.2:4) This Sign is a very great miracle- (c-I’m-real) that is contained throughout this book. You will need to see this with your own eyes to believe it. Then you will discover, as I have learned, the more you examine this Sign, the greater it becomes.
    Now please, let nothing keep you from reading this book, just e-mail me and I will send this book to you in a Microsoft Word doc. You will then see, it is a very great gift from the Lord God. When this happens, please get back in touch with me, for I am hoping and praying that the Lord will send someone to stand with me and to help me get this book published. Thank you for your time and may the Lord God bless you with much enlightenment and be with you always in the name of Jesus Christ.

    Respectfully, Joseph Clark, 1001 Eastern Parkway, Louisville, Kentucky 40217:

    p.s. I am sure you know some people can be told something again and again, and it goes in one ear and out the other. Please let it not happen with this, but examine it closely to see this has truly come from the Lord God to gather in the chosen ones. The ones who let it go in one ear and out the other are the same ones who say I come on to strong. They say Jesus Christ does not ever present Himself like that. This is when I tell them, I am sorry that I did not start my letter off by saying “Woe unto you scribes and Pharisees, ye hypocrites. (Matt.23:13-29) (Luke 11:44) Please see it is time now to shut down your ministry of sin and start over again; for the real Truth comes to expose it, for the man-made lies of ignorance that devised and created it.

  3. Anna said

    Very nicely written article about the story of Mark. It was helpful to me in shedding light on the Scriptures, however, since we do not know the reason Mark left the others, we should not speculate and put down a brother in Christ. My thinking is perhaps Mark had a very good reason for leaving that had nothing to do with him backsliding. Maybe he was needed more elsewhere and even following the Holy Spirit’s leading. I would rather believe he did not need to be restored, but Paul, perhaps, was just so grateful for Mark’s returning to help and wanted to help his brother by putting an end to possibly other believers’ speculations and gossip.

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